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  • Providing Robust 360-degree Cybersecurity Protection Across Multiple Industries
    Since 2010, we've safeguarded organizations across multiple sectors with our battle-tested cybersecurity solutions. Our advanced attack surface monitoring capabilities provide an impenetrable defensive shield against emerging cyber threats for over 1000 global clients.
    Our elite team of seasoned cybersecurity experts proactively fortifies your cyber resilience through meticulous strategies precisely tailored to your unique needs. We seamlessly integrate into your operations, implementing robust defenses powered by cutting-edge technologies and human intelligence.
    With over a decade of relentlessly combating sophisticated cyber-assailants, we continually enhance our solutions to maintain an ironclad perimeter around your digital assets.
    Our commitment: Ensuring your systems remain unbreachable, allowing your business to thrive unhindered.
    Hence our motto: “The Complete Shield for Streamlining Cybersecurity With Precision."
    Deploy our battle-proven cybersecurity prowess to annihilate vulnerabilities today. Fortify your defenses now.
  • Our values
  • The Pillars of TechOwl Excellence
    Innovative Vigilance
    At TechOwl, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's our operational cornerstone. We continuously evolve our cybersecurity tools to outpace threats, ensuring your digital assets are protected by the latest advancements in technology.
    Unwavering Integrity
    We believe in upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our operations. Our commitment to integrity ensures transparent, honest, and reliable service, fostering trust and long-lasting partnerships with our clients.
    Client-Centric Collaboration
    Our focus is not just on providing solutions but on empowering our clients. We collaborate closely with each business, understanding their unique challenges to tailor solutions that not only secure but also enhance their digital.
  • What Sets Us Apart
  • The Complete Shield - Streamlining Cybersecurity with Precision
    Proactive Surveillance

    Our surface monitoring tool keeps a vigilant eye on your digital perimeter, detecting threats before they escalate.

    Incident Reduction

    By identifying vulnerabilities early, we help reduce the frequency and impact of security incidents.

    Growth Alignment

    As your business grows, our monitoring capabilities expand, ensuring consistent protection at every stage.

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    Did you know?
    Phishing: 75% of businesses have reported phishing attacks.
    Shut Down: 60% of small businesses shut down, post a major cyberattack.
    Mistake-Led breaches: 85% of breaches are because of avoidable human mistakes.
    Error Driven: Minor Human Errors add to 90% of breaches.
  • Client Experiences
  • This Is How Our Clients Describe Their Experience

    Since partnering with TechOwl Shield, our cybersecurity posture has never been stronger. Their AI-driven analytics and human expertise have been a game-changer for us. I can't imagine going back to our old security measures.

    Ashok tiwari
    CISO-Vasai Vikas Sahakari Bank Ltd,India

    TechOwl Shield's Mail Health Monitoring service has been invaluable. We now communicate with peace of mind, knowing that our email infrastructure is robust and secure. It's been a weight off our shoulders.

    Danny Voens
    CEO-Voens Group Co,Thailand

    We operate in a heavily regulated industry, and compliance is always a significant concern. TechOwl Shield has made navigating this landscape incredibly straightforward. The peace of mind they provide is priceless.

    Jonathan Tok
    COO-Now Comms Asia,Singapore

    Having transitioned from a previous security solution to Techowl Shield, the difference in our attack surface monitoring has been remarkable. Techowl Shield's advanced features and real-time insights have elevated our cybersecurity to the next level, providing unparalleled protection for our bank's digital assets and customer data.

    Kailash Choudhary
    CM IT- The Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd.

    The Darkweb Monitoring service from TechOwl Shield is second to none. It's comforting to know that they're always on the lookout for threats that could compromise our business. I sleep better at night knowing they have our back.

    Sameer Sharma
    CEO-Resource Stack Inc,USA

    The 360-degree attack surface monitoring provided by TechOwl Shield has been a critical asset in fortifying our digital landscape. Their team is proactive, knowledgeable, and always available for support. It's like having an extra layer of armor around our business.

    Jennifer Chizua
    CEO-Startpreneurs, UAE
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