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    Established in 2010, our company stands as a bastion of digital safety with our motto, "Our Complete Shield for Comprehensive Cybersecurity." We have a decade-long track record of delivering top-tier Attack Surface Monitoring to a diverse clientele, ensuring their digital domains remain impenetrable against a landscape of ever-evolving cyber threats.

    Our team consists of seasoned cybersecurity professionals who not only respond to incidents but proactively enhance our clients' digital resilience. We tailor our strategies to each client's unique needs, building robust defenses that integrate seamlessly with their operations. With a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, we're dedicated to advancing your cybersecurity today and into the future.
  • Simplified Threat Dashboard
  • Intuitive Cybersecurity Oversight with TechOwl's Attack Surface Dashboard
    TechOwl's Attack Surface Dashboard epitomizes the sophistication of our SaaS solution, providing a comprehensive view of your digital threat landscape. This state-of-the-art dashboard offers an interactive heatmap of active alerts, enabling you to effortlessly discern the severity and age of potential threats.

    With AI-enhanced analytics at its core, our dashboard aggregates and analyzes cybersecurity data to identify patterns and anomalies across your network. By integrating real-time monitoring with historical trend analysis, it offers unparalleled insight into your security posture. This visualization not only expedites the identification of critical vulnerabilities but also empowers users to make informed decisions with actionable intelligence. From phishing domain detection to severity assessments, every module is designed to ensure that your data remains under vigilant protection, around the clock.
  • Value Proposition
  • Streamlining Cybersecurity with Precision
    Proactive Surveillance

    Our surface monitoring tool keeps a vigilant eye on your digital perimeter, detecting threats before they escalate.

    Incident Reduction

    By identifying vulnerabilities early, we help reduce the frequency and impact of security incidents.

    Growth Alignment

    As your business grows, our monitoring capabilities expand, ensuring consistent protection at every stage.

  • Our Services
  • Safeguarding Your Cyberspace, Securing Your Digital Life
    Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue
    Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue services provide robust protection against deceptive online threats, safeguarding users from fraudulent websites and unauthorized applications.
    Darkweb Monitoring
    Darkweb Monitoring is a security service that scans the dark web for sensitive personal or business information, alerting users to potential data breaches and misuse.
    Continuous oversight of your brand's digital presence, along with automated corrective actions for immediate protection.
    Attack Surface Monitoring
    Gain a 360-degree view of your digital landscape to identify vulnerabilities and fortify your cybersecurity posture.
    Mail Health Monitoring
    Safeguard your vital communications by continuously and proactively monitoring the health and integrity of your entire email infrastructure.
    Threat Intelligence
    Leverage advanced AI-driven analytics to swiftly identify and forecast potential risks, allowing for timely, effective remedial action.
    Compliance Matrix
    Navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease, ensuring your cybersecurity measures are up-to-date and compliant.
    Digital Risk Management
    Evaluate and mitigate a wide array of digital risks, from data breaches to compliance violations, to secure your digital environment.
    Incident Response
    Quickly address and resolve security incidents with our rapid response team, minimizing downtime and reducing potential damage.
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    $ 4500 / year

    Brand Monitoring:

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    Since partnering with TechOwl Shield, our cybersecurity posture has never been stronger. Their AI-driven analytics and human expertise have been a game-changer for us. I can't imagine going back to our old security measures.

    Ashok tiwari
    CISO-Vasai Vikas Sahakari Bank Ltd,India

    TechOwl Shield's Mail Health Monitoring service has been invaluable. We now communicate with peace of mind, knowing that our email infrastructure is robust and secure. It's been a weight off our shoulders.

    Danny Voens
    CEO-Voens Group Co,Thailand

    We operate in a heavily regulated industry, and compliance is always a significant concern. TechOwl Shield has made navigating this landscape incredibly straightforward. The peace of mind they provide is priceless.

    Jonathan Tok
    COO-Now Comms Asia,Singapore

    Having transitioned from a previous security solution to Techowl Shield, the difference in our attack surface monitoring has been remarkable. Techowl Shield's advanced features and real-time insights have elevated our cybersecurity to the next level, providing unparalleled protection for our bank's digital assets and customer data.

    Kailash Choudhary
    CM IT- The Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd.

    The Darkweb Monitoring service from TechOwl Shield is second to none. It's comforting to know that they're always on the lookout for threats that could compromise our business. I sleep better at night knowing they have our back.

    Sameer Sharma
    CEO-Resource Stack Inc,USA

    The 360-degree attack surface monitoring provided by TechOwl Shield has been a critical asset in fortifying our digital landscape. Their team is proactive, knowledgeable, and always available for support. It's like having an extra layer of armor around our business.

    Jennifer Chizua
    CEO-Startpreneurs, UAE
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