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Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Advanced Attack Surface Management

What is Attack Surface Management (ASM)?

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is a crucial cybersecurity strategy that involves identifying, analysing, and securing all digital and physical points in an organisation’s network that are vulnerable to cyberattacks. With the increasing complexity of IT environments, maintaining visibility over all accessible areas—whether through the internet, cloud services, or traditional networks—is vital to protect sensitive data from potential threats.

Identify and Secure All Areas That Could Be Targeted in Your Attack Surface

Eliminate Digital Risks
We swiftly identify and shut down fraudulent websites attempting to phish information from unsuspecting users.
Eliminate Blind Spots
Gain unparalleled visibility into your entire cyber attack surface, including previously undiscovered or unmanaged assets, to ensure no part of your digital environment is undefended.

Core Functions of Attack Surface Management

Our Attack Surface Management tool integrates several key functionalities to ensure comprehensive coverage and protection

Asset Discovery
Automatically discover and catalogue all assets within your network, providing a precise and updated inventory essential for effective security management.
Vulnerability Management
Identify vulnerabilities across your assets in real time. Our Attack Surface Management tool prioritises these vulnerabilities based on risk, helping you to address critical issues promptly and efficiently

Features of Our Attack Surface Management Tool

Our SaaS-based Attack Surface Management Tool  offers features designed to streamline cybersecurity practices and enhance your defensive posture

Continuous Monitoring
Keep a constant watch on your network’s security status with our around-the-clock monitoring capabilities.
Intelligent Threat Detection
Leverage advanced algorithms and intelligence to detect and respond to potential threats swiftly.
Comprehensive Reporting
Generate detailed reports that offer insights into your security landscape, helping stakeholders make informed decisions.

Attack Surface Management FAQs

Why Is Attack Surface Management Important?

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is crucial because it allows organizations to proactively identify and secure potential entry points for attackers, significantly reducing the risk of breaches.

What Types of Assets Does Attack Surface Management Cover?

Attack Surface Management (ASM)covers all networked assets, including on-premise hardware, cloud-based services, and remote devices. changes made to text

How Does Attack Surface Management Protect from Cyberattacks?

Attack Surface Management (ASM) ensures that potential security gaps are closed promptly by continuously monitoring and assessing your assets for vulnerabilities and exposures.

What Is the Recommended Frequency for an Organization to Conduct Attack Surface Management Assessments?

Continuous monitoring is recommended, but formal assessments should be conducted quarterly to adapt to new threats and changes in the organisation’s infrastructure.

How Can Organizations Benefit from Implementing Attack Surface Management?

Implementing Attack Surface Management (ASM) can improve security posture compliance with regulatory requirements, reduce the risk of data breaches, and enhance operational efficiency.